About us

The field of research "Construction with Bamboo" is established at the Instiute for Structural Design of RWTH Aachen University since 1999. Since 2001 an academic training on this topic takes place lead by Dr.Ing. Evelin Rottke. The aim of our work is to promote the use of bamboo as a building material for ambitous buildings.

First experiences in Building with Bamboo date from 1995 when there was a cooperation with Jörg Stamm who works on bamboo projects in Colombia and contacted our institute for a statics calculation for a bamboo bridge.


Our work includes three main points:

Our Website aims at gathering information on the topic "Construction with Bamboo" and at making it open to the public. The articles are written by students in context of the bamboo course.

Nodal point
A further topic is the development of space frames in bamboo and especially the technical details. The traditional fixing techniques for bamboo buildings require notable craftsmanship. That is why we are looking for solutions which allow much prefabrication and which can be applied for spatial structures.


Experimental Buildings
We erect experimental buildings in order to test our developments in practice. The BambooDome was built in July 2004. It is based on the Diploma of our former student assistant Christoph Tönges. Students and Scouts from Aachen and Luxemburg took part in the assembly of the dome. The final assembly took only one day because of the extensive prefabrication.

We offer more detailed information on our work in pdf file format:

1-Bamboo as a Building Material
2-State of the Art
3-Bamboo at the Institute for Structural Design
4-Development of the Beam Connection in Bamboo
5-The BambooDome


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